Actor Daniel Baldwin joined Fox and Friends to talk about the war on Christmas, his new movie, and whether his famously Democratic brother, Alec Baldwin, may be voting Republican in 2012.

Of recent attacks on Christmas, Baldwin said, “Christmas is getting ho-ho-hosed.” He went onto to say, “This country was founded on believing in what it is you participate in and if somebody wants to celebrate Hanukkah, let them celebrate Hanukkah. If you want to celebrate Christmas and have a tree out in front of your house, or whatever, who cares.” He revealed that this is an issue tackled in his new movie “Christmas With a Capital C.”

Baldwin also discussed his brother, Alec Baldwin’s headline-making quote: “If Romney is the nominee, we have to get behind him and support that person to be president and give him constructive criticism.”

Daniel Baldwin doesn’t think his famously Democratic brother is doing an about-face, saying, “I’m finding it hard to believe that Alec is going to back a Republican, but with that said, I think that whoever gets elected depending upon what side of the aisle they stand on, as Americans, we need to get behind our president, that’s for sure.”