Herman Cain revealed Tuesday that he is reassessing his campaign after allegations surfaced that he carried on a 13-year extramarital affair, leading some to believe he may drop out of the GOP race. Cain joined Neil Cavuto Wednesday to clarify, saying that he is evaluating his candidacy given the following factors:

--The impact of the charges on his family, which Cain says is his first priority.

--The feedback he is getting from supporters.
--Whether people continue to contribute to his campaign.

Cain said, “I will make a decision over the course of the next several days, starting with the assessment of my family because that is absolutely my number one priority.”
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Cain continues to deny claims made by Ginger White that the two engaged in a long-term affair, but has admitted to helping her with money over the years. When asked why, he said, “Over the years, because I have been successful, I have helped many people financially.” Cain continued, saying “She was someone that I considered a friend, although apparently she’s not, that I was helping because she was having financial troubles.”

He admitted that the claims have had an impact on his family and his wife, Gloria, saying, “It has had a very damaging emotional effect on her because of the way some of the story has been presented.”

Cain contended that the accusations are part of a character assassination on him because he was doing so well in the race, saying “This is about trying to bring down Herman Cain. But if they’re going to bring down Herman Cain at a heavy price for my family, I am in the process of reassessing that.”