Anthony Hardwick, a Target employee, is speaking out against Thanksgiving shopping hours. He joined Neil Cavuto to discuss the petition he submitted to corporate headquarters in an effort to push back the midnight opening of Target stores on Black Friday. Many employees are angry because they say the earlier hours cut into their family time on Thanksgiving.

Hardwick hasn’t gotten any grief from the company, but said, “It’s about all the team members I work with having a Thanksgiving that they can enjoy with their family.”

He has gotten a lot of support from his team members and collected 194,000 signatures on his petition.

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“Target has the moral opportunity to seize the moral high ground,” he said. “I think the amount of shoppers that will open up by pushing back the Black Friday open, will vastly outweigh any of the shoppers that we lost to other retailers and it will put the pressure on those retailers to do the right thing as well.”