In an exclusive interview, Herman Cain’s wife, Gloria, broke her silence on the sexual harassment accusations made against her husband. Mrs. Cain described to Greta Van Susteren how she learned of the allegations and how she knows, deep in her soul, that they are not true.

She described being in shock upon first hearing the allegations against her husband, thinking “Who are these people talking about? This isn’t Herman.” She revealed that Herman warned her the Sunday night prior to the story breaking on Politico, but that she was still surprised by the amount of attention it received.

She admitted that she knew about the sexual harassment charges filed against her husband while he served at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, but that once the charges were found to be unreliable, Mrs. Cain claimed, “From that point on, we had never said anything else about it.”

Mrs. Cain admitted that she watched when second accuser Sharon Bialek came forward and held a press conference detailing her story because she wanted to hear Bialek’s specific allegations. Cain flatly said, “Now that one, I totally don’t believe.” She went on to say, “[Herman] has always had too much respect for women to treat them in any type of negative way. That wasn’t a part of his being.”

She stands by her husband, saying, “I seriously, in my soul, don’t think he’s that type of person.” She continued, “If I haven’t seen parts of that person in 43 years, I don’t think I’m that simple that I would miss something that significant.”

When asked if there was any chance that her husband had another side of his life in which he might engage in such behavior, Mrs. Cain said she would be able to tell if that were the case. She said, “I know the women you’re thinking about ... the ‘little woman at home’ who is the last to know. But, I never see myself as being the ‘little woman at home.’”

Mrs. Cain did admit that this whole scandal has made her dislike the political process, saying, “You can live your whole life trying to be respectful, trying to be faithful, trying to have faith, just trying to treat people right. And, anyone can come from any place and say whatever they want to say about you.”

In part two of the interview, Gloria Cain reflected on both her courtship with Herman Cain and whether she’s ready for the White House.

Of the White House, she said that she thinks that Herman will make a good president and feels that “he would try to make a difference.”

When her thoughts stray to what life might be like for her should he win the presidency, Mrs. Cain revealed that she begins to worry and tries to turn her thoughts elsewhere, saying, “I try to take one day at a time and in that way. If or when that happens, then I have faith that the Lord will help get me ready to do whatever I need to do that’s going to help him”

In describing their first meeting, it seems Mrs. Cain required some convincing. She said that upon first meeting, she thought Herman was “OK,” but that he talked too much. Herman pursued her for a year before she gave in, finally accepting a date.

In part three of the interview, Greta met the extended Cain family.