On this morning's Fox and Friends, GOP hopeful Herman Cain talked more than politics, even responding to comments made yesterday by George Lopez in which the comedian said (of Cain), "The Republicans do know that he's darker than President Obama, right? Just whiter on the inside." Cain took the joke in good form, saying that he agrees with Lopez's depiction ... sort of.

"George was half right - I am darker than President Obama. But on the inside, I'm red, white and blue. That's called patriotism, and I think the Republicans

and Conservatives see that, which is why I think I'm getting so much support and so much traction."

Can talked to Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson about his new book, 'This Is Herman Cain,' and its revelation of Cain's experiences with racism in America. After Kilmeade asked the former Godfather's CEO how we could sit before them without bitterness or resentment after experiencing the amount of prejudice he had in his life, Cain responded, "Because I'm not angry with America, because America has something that other countries don't have: the ability to change."

The book also recounts Cain's upbringing, being brought up "po'" not just 'poor.'

"I was born po', which is a level below poor. We had to work up to poor," he said. "But the thing about it is, we didn't know we were poor. My parents embraced the opportunity to work for what it was they wanted to achieve." His father worked three jobs during Cain's childhood, employing the philosophy that he would work three jobs until he could get by on two, work two until he could get by on one, and work one until he could afford to pay for his own American dream: owning his own house.

The businessman and now GOP front-runner recently came under fire for a remark in which he claimed many African Americans had been brainwashed. Today, Cain clarified the comment. "Too many Black Americans are brainwashed into not even considering someone who has a Conservative label or a Republican label. They don't even want to hear the solution you put on the table."

Cain said that even when he travels and people approach him, they'll go so far as to refuse discussing his '999' plan, saying they don't agree with the politics. Cain countered by saying, "It's not the business of politics; it's a solution."

Watch parts one and two of the full interview below:

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