Herman Cain catapulted from the bottom of the barrel to top three GOP candidates gunning for the presidency, entering the top tier in the latest 2012 poll. Late-comer Rick Perry, however, lost ten points of his once substantial lead.
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Once the margin of error gets factored in, a three-way tie exists between Romney,

Perry, and Cain. Obviously, the headline-maker in this poll is the former Godfather's CEO, who in late August had only six percent of voters' support. After several solid debate performances, however, and winning the Florida straw poll, Cain tripled his support to get 17 percent of the vote.

While Perry's steam has faded, the Texas governor remains second to Romney when pitted against Obama in a hypothetical election. Perry loses by eight points, 39 percent to 47 percent in a potential match-up, while Romney makes the closer race, losing 42 to 45.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the American public believes the incumbent Obama will win reelection. In fact, only 40 percent among all registered voters say President Obama will remain in the White House; 50 percent say he won't.