As fallout continues streaming in after remarks made by President Obama at a recent Black Caucus outreach, O'Reilly reacted to Obama's call for the community to 'stop whining and complaining.' If that's the way Obama chooses to gin up his base of supporters, O'Reilly says it's "no big deal" to him.

One thing he does find fault with, however, is the president's lack of changing strategy once his economic plan failed to stimulate job growth. O'Reilly says Obama's belief that there's one economic fix-all that will work for everyone is "insane."

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"It's insane; it doesn't work, but this is what President Obama believes." Furthermore, in the process of trying to make it work, the administration bankrupted the country and ended up with an unemployment rate that's even higher than before.

According to O'Reilly, political leaders in Washington and beyond would benefit from a good lesson in leadership -- something he says the "gold standard" president could easily teach. That's one of the reasons the 'Factor' host decided to pen his latest book, called 'Killing Lincoln.' The book details the last two months of Abraham Lincoln's life and demonstrates how his leadership came out from his personal suffering.

O'Reilly said it's not coincidence that he chose to write the Lincoln 'thriller' at this particular point in time.

"What [Lincoln] did was provide leadership to our country when it was divided," O'Reilly said, comparing it to present day, just on a much lesser scale.

According to O'Reilly, the reason it's relevant now is we need a president now with the leadership qualities of President Lincoln...

"No matter who the next President of the United States is, they have to put the country above themselves. They have to stop the ideology, the craziness, and say, 'I have to do tough things to get this economy back on track.' That means you have to cut; people are going to be mad at you, but that's what's necessary."