Forensic experts are raising new concerns over a critical piece of evidence used to convince Amanda Knox for murder in the death of her former roommate, Meredith Kercher.

Theodore Simon, one of Knox's attorneys and well-known internationally, said the defense team is extremely grateful that court-appointed independent experts issued a report and testified that the collection of evidence was likely compromised and may have been contaminated, and DNA testing as performed by the prosecution experts were unreliable.

"There's no doubt that these independent experts have now concluded that one, there was no blood on the knife, that two, the testing and collection procedures of the alleged DNA traces on the bra clasp and knife fell below international standards, may have been contaminated, and they wholly disagree with the conclusions of the prosecution experts, concluding they're untrustworthy," Simon said, adding that this is a very significant step in overturning this wrongful conviction.

Jenna asked Fox News Contributor Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist, if he agreed with Simon's recap of the independent committee's findings. Dr. Baden said he agreed because the two forensic DNA experts hired by the court said there was no blood found on the supposed knife used as the murder weapon.

So what does the new information say about Rudy Herman Guede who was also convicted in Kercher's death? Watch the heated interview and Simon's passionate assertion of the "monumental wrongful conviction" of Amanda Knox.