A new "breast milk baby doll" is about to make its debut on American toy store shelves ... and it's raising a hefty amount of controversy in the process. With the toy, currently sold in Spain, kids would wear an apron and hold the doll to their chest region, simulating the act of breast-feeding. And get this: the doll even makes sucking noises!

Critics like the Medical A-Team's Dr. Keith Ablow say that the manufacturing and marketing of such a doll is not only ridiculous, it's destructive.

"Little girls aren't even aware

how their secondary sexual characteristics will develop, let alone imitating how they'll be used after childbirth," says Ablow. "This is another way of turning little girls into adults ... it contributes to the sexualization of children and makes them targets of assailants, frankly."

Mommy blogger and parenting expert Jennifer Gottlieb disagrees, saying her own children mimicked her when she breastfed; this doll should be no different. "Children pretend to do what their parents do. It's a part of normal development," she says.

The doll manufacturer issued a statement defending the toy, saying they really don't understand why it's creating such a controversy. Do you? Join the debate, and tell us your thoughts!