By John Roberts, Fox News Senior Reporter

The access we have today is unprecedented. No television news has ever been inside the DEA's war room during an actual operation before - let alone broadcast live.

It really is an incredible journalistic opportunity to watch this unfold in real time and share it with our viewers.

The agents in charge here are focused and dedicated to the task. Their leader, Derek Maltz - the Special Agent In Charge - is a real motivator.

On the war room wall, he hung a picture of the twin towers in New York to remind them of what's at stake. To Maltz, drug trafficking and terrorism are indelibly linked.

He keeps another photo on the wall of his office to drive that point home. The photo is of his brother Michael, who died in 2003 during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Every day, he looks to that photo for inspiration. With more and more terrorist organizations getting into the drug trade to finance their operations, Maltz believes illicit drugs are no linger simply a health issue, but a matter of national security.

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