Fox News Reporter Heather Childers (FNC)

I am so excited to be part of the Fox News team!

My last job was as a main news anchor at a 24-hour statewide news channel in Charlotte, N.C. I have covered hurricanes, plane crashes and just about everything in between. I got my start at a small Fox affiliate in Albany, Georgia. My goal has always been to work for Fox News and I finally made it! My advice to anyone (not that you’re asking for it!) is to go for your dreams. Don’t be afraid to fail and work hard. Things happen as they should, in the time they should, so don’t give up.

My job here at Fox is to report on great stories. I am based in the New York City bureau. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind. Really folks, this is a great place to work. People are very supportive of each other and that’s probably a big part of why they are number one.

I’m still searching for the perfect apartment, so any advice is appreciated. I really love New York. Did I mention that I hadn’t seen Times Square until I moved here for this job? It is an adjustment, for me and my little dog Maddy (she’s a 13 year old Jack Russell), but I have a feeling that we will both be just fine.

I am so happy to be a part of the Fox news family! If you have any great story ideas, please let me know.

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